Nina Kranjc, massage therapist

Life really interesting mixes life cards. As a little girl who grew up in Ljubljana, I did not expect to peel benches in the oldest city in Slovenia as an elementary school student. My father told me that it was best for me to continue in the direction of economics, as there is a future there. I admit I was a little lost and flirting with economics didn’t even seem so wrong. Believe it or not, today I only need a master's thesis in economics! But Nina does not peel office desks, but proudly leans over the massage table :)

I was getting my first massage lessons ten years ago when I wanted to get rid of my ex-partner’s muscle aches caused by intense sports activities. This is where the discovery of the world began, which drew me more and more into me, more and more I wanted to learn even more! When I was looking for a job in my field after graduation, I didn’t even get an invitation to an interview. I decided to give it a try and send an application to the salon, for a vacancy for a masseuse. I was immediately invited for an interview and got the job right away! Coincidence? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. I received an invitation to work on a cruise ship one Sunday from diligent work at a few beauty salons. Curiosity did not give me peace and I signed up for an interview in Koper. When I talked to the lady, showed her my massage style, she just started talking as if I had already decided to go to work on the ship. My response at first was, "Well, I have a job!" But deep down I wanted new adventures and I got it.

After intensive practical-theoretical training in London, I was sent on a nine-month job aboard the Disney World in the USA. After finishing work, I got an offer to work on the prestigious cruiser Crystal Symphony, which sails around the world, but I did not accept it. During this time, I gained invaluable experience in the field of massage, as well as learning about different cultures, communication and sales. I wanted to present all my knowledge and experience and show it to my clients in Slovenia. Therefore, the name SPIRIT was not created by chance, but after careful consideration. My mission is not just to massage the body, but I want to help both physically and mentally. With massage and relaxation of the body, as well as with consultations, I try to help people change their habits and live a more peaceful and full life. Therefore, the idea of individual consultations was born, as well as trainings such as courses, workshops and debate classes.

You are warmly invited to the world of massages and wellness!


nina spirit        Nina in a work uniform on a cruise ship


Z našimi storitvami pomagamo ljudem, da spremenijo svoje navade in zaživijo bolj mirno in polno življenje.

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