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Infant massage course according to the internationally recognized IAIM program

Infant massage program has been running according to the successful IAIM international protocol (IAIM stands for International Baby Massage Organization) for over 40 years. It was developed by the author of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents, Vimala McClure and has helped thousands of parents and babies around the world, and the program is RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS, PEDIATRICIANS, PHYSIOTHERAPISTS, SPEECH THERAPISTS and other health professionals. During the 5-week program, you will awaken your sixth sense and learn to listen to yourself and your baby. And guided massage techniques will help you with this, and the acquired knowledge will benefit you for the rest of your life.



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 ~ About the course ~

  • The course is intended for parents and babies.
  • It is suitable for babies aged 0-12 months.
  • The course consists of 5 visits, 1x per week.
  • It is also suitable for premature babies and children with special needs
  • The course takes place live at the salon location




The course consists of theory, practice (massage technique) and discussion. We teach you how to help your child with colic or other pain, how to recognize different cries, what are the levels of wakefulness, what oil can be used, when a baby can be massaged and when not, where to massage or what conditions should be for massaging a baby and much more.

The course takes place in a group or individually in the Spirit salon, Frankolovska 17, Maribor, and it is only in Slovenian language.

All you need is a baby;) and 2 large towels.

Price: 120€


~ Benefits of baby massage ~

  • connection with the parent (mother connects with the child through breastfeeding. Mothers who cannot breastfeed can connect with the baby through massage, the father can also establish this connection.),
  • relieves tension (abdominal tension, constipation, colic),
  • digestion is accelerated,
  • relieves pain (teething, cramps, growth ...),
  • relaxation (muscles relax, nervous system, less crying,),
  • stimulation (all major systems are accelerated - immune, digestion, nervous system, blood circulation, lymph),
  • trust is established (towards parents and later towards the surroundings),
  • the child develops faster and better,
  • when he grows up he is more confident, learns better, is calmer, feels loved, is more -emotionally stable, less violent, develops better...


Z našimi storitvami pomagamo ljudem, da spremenijo svoje navade in zaživijo bolj mirno in polno življenje.

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